Artwork Templates

To create clean and crisp details all artwork needs to be in one of the following file types:

  • .PDF – Adobe PDF
  • .AI – Illustrator
  • .PSD – Photoshop (Min 150 dpi)
  • .CDR – Corel Draw

For best printing the minimum DPI needs to be 150 dpi, anything less will result in a “choppy” or pixelized look. JPG or PNG file is acceptable depending on the quality. Many times clients will send a PDF created with photoshop which doesn’t always work. If you are not sure, contact us to find out before submitting items.

Client Art Submission

CDR, EPS, AI, or PDF are all acceptable VECTOR files.

JPG, PNG, TIFF and PSD files are acceptable if the quality and DPI are usable, Hi-Res or high resolution.

Artwork submitted that is NOT usable will put the project on hold and you will be contacted and offered an estimate to make the artwork usable.

Templates for Artwork

You can visit the Downloads page for templates in PDF form. After the details or artwork are set on the template you can email the PDF, a scanned copy or even a quick picture of the template. Someone will be in contact with you regarding your request and details will be given for the next step.

Template Downloads

BMX Jersey Set-In
BMX Jersey Raglan
Tech Tee Template
Cycling Jersey Set-In
Cycling Jersey Raglan